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He was the lead singer and lyricist during the group's existence from 1988 until 1994.

Vrag's four full members and two part-time vocalists would later form Machine Gun Fellatio (MGF).

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well a couple of weeks ago I lost my paysafe voucher so I contacted paysafe with the exact time, date and retailer, but they basically told me tough luck you shouldn't of lost it because we do not refund, I know for a fact that it can be done as it has been done in the past, they just want to steal peoples money. absolute rubbish and very rude people who do not even try to help Don't waste your time with Pay Safe Card. The worst part is the LITERAL extortion they resort to when you attempt to rectify any issue with support. :/ that was my story now I get no answer anymore they just ripped me of like anyone else here .

It costs roughly 5% to use the card, Costs an additional 2.50 / month, they will siphon the account dry, The card is accepted in very few locations, and has NO practical value. I was cheated by paysafe, as you know ukash was bought by paysafe, I lost my ukash voucher once so I contacted ukash with the date time and shop I had purchased the voucher, they waited 2 weeks to make sure no one would cash in the voucher then refunded me. Sure enough I got burned and lost access to the funds almost immediately due to a "lock out". now I exchange 3th day emails with hopeless support - last advice was to get money back with 7E extra charge (I bought 10e 1E = 11E.... Would not recommend anyone here Wrote the reviews to late to be aware of how they treat people .

Slate's advice columnist Dear Prudence, was online Monday, Feb. Emily Yoffe is also Slate's Human Guinea Pig, a contributor to the XX Factor blog, and the author of What the Dog Did: Tales From a Formerly Reluctant Dog Owner. One day last week when I was working late, I accidentally dialed in to the principal's computer, which is one digit off from our server's address. I didn't even realize who's computer I'd connected to until I went back to check the address.

_______________________ Phoenix, AZ: I work as a computer technician in a high school.

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I've been waiting more than a month to get my account unblocked ! He block always they codes and want your identity , code pin , number , where u from , and more for just a fuking payment of 10€ .. Paysafecard is nothing more than a method for kids to pay online for porn and gaming.

The only non-Vrag band member to be in MGF was Pinky Beecroft.

In 2006, Vrag reformed and performed a show at Sydney's Annandale Hotel Chit Chat and 3k Short started the band in 1996 and undertook songwriting, producing and management duties until the group split in 2005. They have also played at Homebake on three separate occasions (2000, 2001, 2002, and 2004).

Their first release, Unsound Sounds, was a collection of songs by themselves and two other bands, The Libertines and Limebunnies. In addition to these festivals, MGF have played at Livid (20), the Woodford Folk Festival, Rock-It, St Kilda Festival and Gone South.

The group made televised appearances on Rove, Late Night in Sibera, The Monday Dump, The Joint and What U Want.

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