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I think you want the "upgrade" feature, not the "update" feature. However, a quick look at The Google shows this is a process with many complexities (including what you are using for backing storage, NFS or SAN) so you might want to peruse the rolling upgrade procedure from Citrix before you dive in to it: Servlet/download/38322-102-714672/Xen Server-6.5.0_Installation

I see you haven't worked with Windows-type products much.

Some basic stat calculation formulas for the Famicom version is as follows: In all versions, stat growth is static and character-dependent until they reach level 70; after this, the stat growth of specific characters is determined by the Augments they have equipped (in the 3D versions), or is picked at random from one of the eight statistics in the 2D versions.You have to boot the 6.5 installer CD directly, using physical media or some kind of remote-access card like drac / ilo / rsa / cimc card.Then the installer prompts for "Upgrade or Clean Install" Choose upgrade, and wait.For example, if you're playing a Hunter, you won't see stat comparisons on axes or plate armor, nor will you see stat changes for Intellect or Dodge (although you can enable all of those if you really want).You can also configure it to hide stat comparisons if the Item Level of the item is lower than what you already have.

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