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- (void) location Manager:(CLLocation Manager *)manager did Update To Location: (CLLocation *)new Location from Location:(CLLocation *)old Location - (void) location Manager:(CLLocation Manager *)manager did Fail With Error:(NSError *)error GMSCamera Position *camera = [GMSCamera Position camera With Latitude:g_lat longitude:g_lng zoom:15]; View = [GMSMap View map With Frame: CGRect Make(1.0f, 160.0f, 320.0f, 100) camera:camera]; View.delegate = self; self.shows User Location = YES; View.traffic Enabled = YES; Location Enabled = YES; View.Location Button = YES; View.settings.compass Button = YES; [View set User Interaction Enabled: YES]; [View set Camera:camera]; [self.container View add Subview:View]; field when you push the new view controller? You can try it by not starting the GPS on the next view controller. Side note: This can be part of the normal operation.If your app stops receiving the location updates, then you are doing fine.I remembered that with testflightapp, all I had to do was make sure I login to Apple developer portal– go to provisioning profiles and make sure my friend’s device ID was added to the ADHOC provisioning profile.

When the view gets called I run the code and get the location - good - but when I get back to the view I want NEW coordin why self.location Manager stop Updating Location doesn't stop location update Problem: It seems I can't stop Core Location from sending updates to my app / tracking.

I am using location Controller = [[UILocation alloc] init]; location Controller.delegate = self; location Controller.location Manager.desired Accuracy = k CLLocation Accuracy Best; location Controller.location Manager.distance Filter = k CLDistance Filter None; [location Controller.location Manager start Updating Location]; after stopping the update.

But after this when I call start Update Location, my delegate method is not called. Location still monitoring after location Manager = nil and stop Updating Location called I'm trying a lot of things to stop the location update of my app but nothing seems work…

I am working on an application that uses the phone's current location.

I've created a class that has a CLLocation Manager instance and implements the CLLocation Manager Delegate protocol to get location updates.

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