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Because of funding constraints, however, FEMA can study or restudy only a limited number of communities each year.As a result, FEMA prioritizes study and restudy needs based on a cost-benefit approach whereby the highest priority is given to studies where development is greatest and where the maps are most outdated.As long as your satnav is relatively modern (within the last five years or so), you should be able to update it.Smaller brands such as Navigon might present a problem, but those with Tom Tom, Garmin or Navman satnavs should be fine.If your project's manifest file contains the telemetry service. It is now merged automatically using Manifest Merging.

Both performance improvements and new features have been added to the SDK.

With over 20,000 communities participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), it is a challenge to keep flood hazard maps up to date.

There are three primary methods by which a community's flood hazard maps are updated.

This required us to move some of the logic to the for easier identifying and removing any potential conflicts with other libraries.

In addition, many of the attributes are now named after their Java counterpart.

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