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When she gets home, we learn that Tracer has a live-in girlfriend who is preparing mugs of hot cocoa for them both.Tracer’s girlfriend (who sadly doesn’t have a name given here) sees the gift and opens it before Tracer can say where it’s from.- Dealing with him punching every guy that looks and talks to you.- Being protective over you.- Sometimes walking you home at night.- Not letting himself get super soft or whipped.- Keeping up his reputation.- Visiting him in jail.- Learning not to scold him for breaking the the law.- “It’s my way of life, baby.”- Dallas stealing things and giving them to you.- “Is this stolen? Just the way I like em’.”- Constantly having really big fights with Dallas.- Going to Buck’s frequently.- Meeting the gang and the gang getting protective of you.- Learning how to smoke.- Dallas laughing at you for choking to death when you smoke for the first time.- Dallas getting you to break minor laws.- “You’re getting more and more like me everyday.” he’d grin grimly.- No one ever messing with you.- Hearing tales of New York.- Walking down the street with Dallas’s arm over your shoulder.- “Are you talking to my girl? ”- “You go straight to Pony’s house and don’t leave until I get there.”- “Touch her and you’re dead meat, buddy.”- “You’ve got some nerve making a hood jealous, baby.”- “Stay the night. ”- You knowing how to fight well.- You being the opposite of Dallas.- Being a nice girl.- When you get jumped, Dallas goes sick on anyone’s ass until he finds who hurt you.- Putting up with Dallas’s mood swings.- Putting up with Dallas’s terrible mood all around.- Being the only one that Dallas really let’s his guard down with.- Dallas teasing you and flirting with you all of the time.-Getting annoyed when Dallas calls you a broad.- You tending to be fiery and feisty when you’re mad.- “Fiery huh? ”- Him trying not to swear so much around you.- Dally never saying I love you, but you know he does because he says things similar to it.- “You know I care about you right? Walkin’ around at this time of night when you could get jumped or killed? If I say they’re up to no good, trust me.”- “Are you saying that you care about me?You can’t walk home at this hour and I’m too drunk to get you back.”- Rough sex.- Love bites.- Putting up with Dallas’s reckless driving.- Being uncomfortable with the fact that Dallas carries around a gun.- “Relax babe, it ain’t loaded.”- Trying to fix him up when he’s busted up but he won’t let you.- “Will you stop that? ”- Everyone thinking that you could do so much better than Dallas.- Tim Shepard always flirting with you to get under Dally’s skin.- “I hate you, Dallas.”- “No, no you don’t.”- Him giving you a side glance whenever you get way too quiet.- Supporting him at rodeos.- Dallas not knowing what to say or do when you start crying.- “Don’t do that.”- “What?

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