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Check out the new clip below, which features Santa Cruz guitarists Archie Cruz and Johnny Cruz.

FAVORITE GUITAR: Fender Stratocaster FAVORITE CONCERT: Tom Petty at the United Center in Chicago (2010) Native of beautiful Paraguay, Daniel not only makes our store bi-lingual, but also a place of vintage perfection, researching, studying, dating each and every piece that walks in and out our doors.

Coming into contact with such a monumental instrument was a real pivotal moment of discovery for Coriani – the incredible depth of sonority that he encountered was to spark his interest in late 19th century Spanish instruments which provided the basis for a lifetime of research.

So with one foot firmly planted in the traditional Spanish school based on Torres, Coriani would in the mid to late 1980’s also explore other more modern styles, including developments in France with the innovative work of Daniel Friederich, and in the USA with Richard Schneider (in partnership with Dr. It was by discovering the work of these makers that Paolo became interested in a more scientific approach, using theories of the mechanics of vibration and the use of unconventional materials in the construction process.

It featured two necks, one standard and one fretless bass.

The head was cast aluminum, a rarity for its time This unusual Regal Harp-Guitar was probably made by the Larsons between 1901-1904 when it was a Indianapolis splinter off of the original Indianapolis based Wulschner company.

Founded in 1976, the Santa Cruz Guitar Company brought boutique guitar making to the forefront of the steel string guitar business.

Built upon the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, each of their luthiers have become masterful in their current specialty and collectively embody nearly two hundred years of expertise.

Italian luthier Paolo Coriani’s career began when he took on an apprenticeship at the Masetti workshop in Modena, between 19.Just copy and paste either version of the code below where you would like our link to appear.If you would prefer a text link use this code: The above code will look like this on your site: Guitar Cables - Quality guitar, microphone and patch cables at unbelievably low prices!He also builds a Torres model, based on an 1864 instrument (FE19 also known as “La Suprema”) which features the use of a tornavoz. This instrument was heavily promoted by Gibson from 1904 all the way through the mid 1920s, when it was finally discontinued.

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