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” My answer: “I want to ride mountains.” Dolly was a second-generation Smith grad, very much cut from the First Generation Feminists on that side of my proud, blue-blood, rice-paper skin family (that thank heaven my grandmother defected from), and I knew precisely where she was headed. Over my first summer home from college at 19, 2 friends my age died within weeks of each other; another, just before that year’s Christmas break. Ambition seems to be a very straightforward thing: you have it, or you don’t.For the first time in what felt like 5 dead years I was resolute in knowing what I wanted — confident, and proudly subverting her attempt at drop casting my ass to fit our family’s (multi-generation! 2 more died in the months after, and a close friend, the month before we were to graduate high school. The boyfriend I’d later dump that summer was furious I’d held him off for 3 weeks from arriving home so I could break up with him in person, not caring that I hadn’t wanted to hurt him by doing the deed Life is complicated. The business idea or creative interest stokes your passion that roars beneath your heels, propelling you to a velocity only limited by your gearbox and fuel supply — or you know, it doesn’t. If it does however, and that’s all you know, well — that’s me. Three incredibly broken slaves to our hearts passions, but also equally committed to not repeating what the three of us agree to be sins of personal sacrifice in the name of Capitalist ambition. None of us — not even the founders — are still involved.

Later, Rachel falls down the last few steps on a staircase and has what seems to be a vision of a swan. It's actually being sent to her brain via her fancy new eye.

She actually drops to her knees to pray for help and open up, which is a really intense thing to see the usually in-control Alison doing.

I know, It's been like 9 months since I posted a flash here.

Anyway, to make up for lost time I decided to work on a few flashes during my vacation and this is one of them.

As for FSM 7, well, it was in development hell for a while, but I'll have it up at some point. Keep in mind that I started working on it last year but later abandoned it in favor of FSM 6.

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