Women who are intimidating to men

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I have an ongoing debate with several of my friends about whether men are actually intimidated by successful, assertive women.

For a long time, I believed this type of intimidation was, at best, a romantic-comedy myth invented to make flawless type-A women seem like victims. Lo in The Wedding Planner.) Or maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, like how I never feel bad about my beach body until I am instructed to think about my beach body.

less) intelligence than themselves," the study said."Previous research has shown that people prefer romantic partners with higher 'mate value' than themselves," study author Lora Park told .

"Thus, it makes sense that for a valued attribute such as intelligence, men would prefer someone (in the abstract) with more (vs.

Drake, who celebrates women who “sound so smart like you graduated college.” Certainly there is more backstory here.

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After all, I know so many women who are the “alpha” in their relationships, and so many men who find female power sexy.

When there was "psychological distance" from the women (e.g.

the men were just fantasizing about a theoretical woman who wasn't a real-life romantic prospect), "Men showed greater attraction toward women who displayed more (vs.

We don't usually think of unmarried guys in this way, if their lives are going well otherwise.

Especially if they are very successful in other ways." Recent research supports these conclusions.

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