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Editor's Note: Editor's Note: Michael Lynk is a professor of law at the University of Western Ontario.The article set out below is a summary of information presented by Professor Lynk at his presentation given to the Public Service Alliance of Canada in September, 1999.For example, the law requires a housing provider who has established a no-pet policy to allow a disabled resident to keep a service or assistance animal as a reasonable accommodation.

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WARNING: Websites and organizations offering assistance animal registrations may suggest that purchasing such certification will qualify individuals to bring their animals into pet-free housing or to be exempt from pet deposit fees.

Consistent with the Supreme Court of Canada's direction in O'Malley, Central Alberta Dairy Pool, and Renaud, the initial burden is upon the employer to reasonably accommodate the employee's mental or physical disability.

To prove that its accommodation efforts were serious and conscientious, an employer by law is required to engage in a three step process: First, determine if the employee can perform his or her existing job as it is.

If someone is disabled, you cannot refuse to rent to them because of their disability.

Reasonable Accommodations | Reasonable Modifications Assistance Animals | Parking Spaces | Evicting a Tenant with Disabilities Fair Housing Law requires housing providers to accommodate a person with a disability by changing or modifying a rule, policy, or practice when doing so is necessary to give the disabled person .

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