Updating a jailbroken ipod

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If you’re reading this, chances are you know exactly what Prometheus (AKA futurerestore) is and what it does.It allows you to downgrade to i OS versions that are no longer being signed by Apple, as long as you have valid SHSH2 blobs for that version.Using futurerestore to achieve an unsigned restore, in most cases, requires you to be jailbroken already so that you can force your device to generate the same nonce value as your SHSH2 blob. Every time your device boots in recovery mode it generates a nonce (number used once) value.As the name implies, these numbers are generally only generated once.Trust me, you’ll have to redo everything you just did, because you will wind up with the same error message. I can’t honestly tell you that I have any idea what that stands for.So, you’ll need a stopwatch, unless you have a fairly good sense of time.Avoid upgrading or restoring if you want a jailbroken device.

Do not, for whatever reason, just click the restore button.You just happen to get more options that aren't there by default.If you're already using a jailbroken i Pod with the original (v1.x) software on it you'll probably find that many of the programs you've been running aren't available for v2 yet.Although some have been rewritten as official i Tunes applications and others have been ported to work once you jailbreak your i Pod, there are still many that either aren't ready yet or never will be.Before you decide to upgrade you will want to consider whether you'll be losing more functionality than you gain.

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