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Gleason, photographer, 132 Boylston, Boston, MA (1905) Sampson & Murdock's Boston City Directory GLEASON, FRANK Gleason, Frank, photographer 673 Main, h 1 Oak, Willimantic, CT (1896) (1897) (1898) City Directories GLEASON, WILLIAM B. B., photographer, Lisbon, NH (1860s) cdv image; William B.

Gleason, photographer, Lisbon, NH (1870) Briggs & Co.

Dick has a website that is devoted entirely to the Great Lakes maritime history:

This site has a search engine for more than 1,000 entries from Oswego newspapers, related to maritime activities on Lake Ontario, dating back to the very early 1800s.

Kathi would appreciate hearing from anyone that knows the names of any Catholic Cemeteries in Oswego Co.

that were around in 1857 & where are their records?

Letitia was pulling out the fighting talk pretty quickly (even surprising herself! Both Letitia and Vikesh have great voices and they're actually pretty evenly matched. Will was really taken aback by the fact that Vikesh didn't have any family with him, and Vikesh admitted that he hasn't had his family's full support. Team: Will Song: 'Every Teardrop is a Waterfall' - Coldplay What happened in rehearsals? Stephen and Jake were chatting about how well they get on, but Will wasn't impressed - he was worried Jake was being too nice and needed to step it up (he basically called Jake the boy next door and Stephen the jock). It was another pretty evenly-matched battle, to be honest.

) whereas Vikesh suddenly had a crisis of confidence - and even got a little bit annoyed with Letitia singing his bits ("Shh! ") He admitted to Ricky that he didn't feel he could keep up with Letitia, who was talking about how it was "one diva against another". The difference was that Vikesh - who we adored in the blinds, by the way - seemed really nervous. That got Will reminiscing about Jimmy Iovine taking a chance on the Black Eyed Peas: "For some reason we made him forget about what he had his eye on, and you did that to me today, so..." Yep, he banged his button and stole Vikesh - although he admitted that he had expected to steal another act. We thought Stephen started a bit stronger - perhaps Jake was a bit nervous, but he was a bit shaky at the beginning. Too close to call, so going on everything we've seen so far, Jake for us. Rita instantly called Stephen and Jake "two sexy fellas" but went on to add that their battle felt "passionate and true". But the voice is the key and you've really got that."Who won? In the end, Will plumped to give the win to Jake Shakeshaft. Nope - Stephen pointed out to Rita that she'd said she wished she turned for him, but she still didn't choose to steal him. Nope - none of the other coaches had any steals left to use!

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Her long platinum blonde locks were parted in the middle and fell in gentle waves down past her shoulders.

See Rosenberg & Glassberg GLASSER, FRANKGlasser, Frank, photographist, Sheldon, NY (1874) Sampson, Davenport's New York State Business Directory GLASSON, JAMES T. The Lakeside Annual Directory of Chicago; Bishop J. Madison, Chicago, IL (1878-1879) Lakeside Chicago City Directory; Bishop J. Glenn, Daniel L., photographer, Old Planters Hotel, Charleston, SC (1890) City Directory GLENN, G. See Johnson & Glenton GLENTON, FREDERICK Glenton, F., photographer, Nashua, NH (1870s-1880s) *cdv image identified as "Mrs. Glenton, photographer, 115 Main, Nashua, NH (1874) Briggs & Co.

Glasson, James T., photographer, h High, Proctor, Rutland, VT (1899) City Directory GLASSTONE, ABRAM F. F., photographer, Charter Oak, IA (1901-1902) Polk's IA State Gazetteer and Business Directory GLAVERING Glavering, artist, The Motor Gallery, 410 E Morrison, Portland, OR (1900-1915) cab image GLEASON. Gleason, photographer, 357 W Madison, Chicago, IL (1880) City Directory; Bishop J. A., photographer, Excelsior Car, Beech Creek, Clinton Co., PA (1860s-1870) cdv vignette image GLENN, C. NH Business Directory; Federico Glenton, photographic artist, 27 Abbott St., Nashua, NH (1880) See Census; F.

These postings include shipwrecks, obituaries, shipbuilding, genealogy, etc., - much on old sea captains from Oswego. Dick needs volunteers to do some typing on maritime-related articles he's copied from the Oswego newspapers on microfilm.

Any volunteers would be appreciated, and he will mail you what needs to be typed and you can work at your leisure.

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